Photo Submissions

Members may submit up to three (3) photos each month.   We’d love to accept more, but due to the growth of the club, we’ve limited it to three so that we can get through them all at the meetings.  Photos may be designated as either Assigned Subject or Open photos, or a mixture of the two groups.

How to Submit Photos
Submission Deadlines – Photos may be sent after the first of the month, except December as there is no meeting that month. Submissions MUST be received by midnight the Thursday before the meeting.  No exceptions!

Naming the files – We ask – OK, we require – that submitted photos meet a specific file naming convention.   This allows the photos to be processed in a timely fashion.

Follow this naming convention:
A1 FirstName LastName – Photo Title.jpg

Example (submitting 1 Assigned and 2 Open photos) :
  • A1 John Doe – Earth as seen from my last shuttle mission.jpg
  • O1 John Doe – Flags I Placed Atop Mt Everest.jpg
  • O2 John Doe – Taken with My Broken Film SLR.jpg
  • note – Use the letter “O” and not zero “0” for your Open category photos.  Please use spaces and not underscores between words and use a hyphen only to separate your name from the photo title.
Eldorado Canyon A1 John Doe - Eldorado Canyon.jpg O1 John Doe - Blue Door.jpg O2 John Doe - Millenium Bridge.jpg
Where to send – Email the photos to .  Add the photos as attachments to the email.  We’re not able to process photos that are embedded in emails.